First job: Ice cream scooper

Bionic enhancements: Cerebral shunt

Favorite punctuation mark: The em dash—

Vice: Coffee. Lots of coffee. 

I was born and grew up in southeastern Massachusetts (my family having landed there by way of São Miguel Island). I started writing as a kid on an old Apple IIe desktop that, at the end of its life, made clanking noises when we turned it on, until we released it on a farm to roam free with other ancient devices. I went to college and majored in English. I waited tables (poorly) for a while. I went to grad school. Etc., etc. (I also say etc., etc., a lot). 

I write fiction. Sometimes things I write about include benevolent frauds, young immortals, the terrible and/or wonderful things people do for/to each other, and time travel. I don't get too hung up on categorizing things: speculative fiction/fantasy/literary fiction/etc. 


Sometimes I stand in front of LED displays with fingerprint patterns

I like: video games (the Final Fantasy series and the Assassin's Creed series are among my favorites), SciFi/fantasy-ish movies and TV shows (Buffy, Black Mirror, Battlestar Galactica...), traveling (but I hate flying), photography (especially of abandoned places/buildings), mythology, and, if this bio is any proof, parenthetical explanations.