When you can live forever, what do you live for?

I’m currently working with my agent, Michael Hoogland of Dystel, Goderich & Bourret Literary Management, on my novel, Welcome to Forever.

In a near-future world, Simon Fox has the life he’s always wanted. The love of his fiancée, Claire. A cushy job as a golden-boy memory editor at Hebe Industries. When Fox learns of Claire’s accidental death, he decides—to hell with resurrection queues. He’s bringing her back, now, on his own.

Fox embarks on an odyssey through crumbling memoryscapes and constructed paradises to bring back the love of his (indefinitely long) life. Enter a mysterious challenge from the company's reclusive founder, a ragtag group of hacker-therapists, and a woman with a strange connection to Claire, who's on a search of her own. Fox will sacrifice anything—his own memories, his own sanity—as he rails against death in a world where it isn't even supposed to exist.

Love! Regret! Psychosis! The story was inspired by mythical journeys to the underworld (which apparently I have a thing with?) and how relationships shift over time.

I was also partly informed by my past work experience at a software company and as a magazine editor, though these two jobs (as far as I know) had little to do with editing of actual memories.

Visit the Hebe Industries website to learn more about the exciting field of memory uploading!